Adventure awaits you in the LARRC...

Ahoy, Mateys! Welcome to the FIRST, EVER, LA River Regatta Club. You are part of an historic members-only society of mutual admiration for and dedication to the LA River. We are a learned body committed to imagining and building the future of our LA River.

As our crew mates, we will take you on previously unchartered journeys along the LA River where you will eat new and exotic foods, drink nano local brews and spirits, see the rise of undiscovered visual artifacts, and hear foreign sounds of wonder and delight. Moreover, Regatta Club members are captains in their own right with the power to plan expeditions and have an active voice in charting a new course for the LA River. 

Your fare will cover passage on these LA River adventures and your presence will make the tides of the LA River rise.

Join us, if you dare.*


* The requisite "fine print":

Membership in this club requires that you take the LA River Regatta Club oath and abide by its ancient (think: Masons) code of conduct. SPOILER ALERT!

Regatta Club members do solemnly swear to:

  1. Take civic engagement beyond the talking-points-wine-and-cheese-evening-salon.
  2. Party with a purpose (which means: pat yourself on the back for having donated to a worthy cause, give yourself permission to simply have fun, and spread the good word by telling all of your non-Regatta-Club-member-friends what a good time you have at Regatta Club events and that you think they'd be so much cooler if they joined the club too).
  3. Dance.
  4. Eat.
  5. Drink.
  6. Be merry.
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